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Alex - Boar’s Head, St Helens
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Proper Pubs enables you to showcase your talents in managing one of our community pubs. Our Proper Pubs are run by someone who is passionate about putting something back into the community they serve.

Proper Pubs is a simple yet rewarding model. By running a Proper Pub, our Operators receive unparalleled support and sound advice, with the freedom of being self-employed. Operators receive an industry-leading percentage of the weekly net turnover to pay the team and themselves, whilst Proper Pubs take care of the pains of the rest. It’s not only a Proper Pub, but a place to call home, giving Operators and their families a safe place to live.

Fancy a Proper Job?

If you like what you see, we want to hear from you. Simply select the region you are interested in or send a national enquiry to start your Proper Pub journey.