Partnering with Carling, we have Donated £60,000 to Local Initiatives Across the UK

Over the past year, we have been working closely with Carling to create and launch a community fund of £60,000 to help and support local initiatives across the UK.

Five Proper Pubs were selected to take part and a voting system was created for locals to have their say on who they felt were the most deserving charities and projects. The chosen initiatives range from local sport clubs to learning centres that all support their neighbourhoods and encourage the community to come together.

The campaign highlights the importance of fostering strong connections with the community by focusing on groups that run physical activities or provide mental health support to the nearby area and we are thrilled to have partnered with Carling to launch this community fund, allowing us to give back and empower the neighbourhoods we serve.

Following these donation decisions, we hosted a cheque handover celebration at each chosen pub for the charities who were receiving the funding. It was great to meet the charities and hear the impact this community-focused initiative will have on the recipients and the communities.

The charities chosen to be supported were: